Erlebe 5Gum

Wrigley's | 2014


Experience 5Gum is a multi-sensory virtual reality installation that lets you fly through virtual worlds and manipulate ice crystals, disrupt zero-G liquid, command light, and shoot thunderbolts from your fingertips.


About the project:

The experience combines the Oculus Rift, the Kinect, 3D graphics, custom 7.1 sound design, two different forms of scented air, a harness, and a shipping container to create a sensory overload that culminates in letting users experience the sensation of flight.

Users touch, smell, see, and hear their way through futuristic, abstract, and atmospheric worlds. Each of the worlds are based on one of 5Gum’s flavours—cool mint, tingling spearmint, sour & sweet, and bursting purple fruit mix—exploring and interacting with frozen, electric, desert, and liquid landscapes.

I was responsible for the virtual queuing system UX and IA. The challenge was to get users to quickly sign-up from their mobile phones while waiting in the location. The journey had to be simple, intuitive and fast. When completing the sign-up users received an email with a confirmation and estimation of the waiting time. At the end of the experience users received another email with a bespoke video as a record of their experience.



Awards: FWA, FWA site of the day

Feature in: Creativity

Role: UX and IA

Kind: VR Installation

Technology: Oculus, Kinect, Mobile Queueing Website

Client: Wrigley

Ad Agency: BBDO Düsseldorf

Production Company: UNIT9

Date: 2014