I am a Creative Director and Strategist with a focus on UX and innovation. I have a BA in Communication Design from Fine Arts Faculty in Lisbon and a MA in New Media. I also specialised in UX while at VFS.

With over 5 years of experience my career has been gravitating from a graphic design and UX background towards creative direction and today you can find me at UNIT9 London taking the role of Creative Strategist and project Creative Director.

I'm part of the New Business team and have been involved in projects that utilise some of the latest technologies like VR. My day is a constant challenge to understand and assimilate different subjects and perspectives on a campaign, product, experimental project, and tick the box of user engagement, business goals, creative concept and technology innovation.

On a management level I often oversee and lead the creative and teams of graphic designers, sound designers, and developers during production.

I've worked for clients including:



Cannes Lions 2014 – Bronze Cyber Lion: Innovative Use Of Social And Community


In my free time you can find me playing cello, dancing Salsa and travelling around the world.

Personal projects and collaborations: