Feed The Friendship

Cesar | 2016


Feed The Friendship is a mobile website developed for the brand Cesar. The website utilises the latest image recognition technology to identify your dog's breed or mixed breed and engage you in a parallax animated story about your breed origin and funny facts.


Experience overview:

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 17.59.15.png

To start you need to take a picture of your dog or upload one. Then type his or her name and wait a few seconds for us to recognise your dog's breed!What follows is a funny story telling covering things from the dog's personality to it's physical characteristics.


About the project

Cesar is launching a set of new dog food flavours and the message is your dog is your best friend so feed him or her the best - Feed The Friendship. But do you really know your dog likes and what he or she likes? Why not let us find that for you. 

The brief asked for the experience to be:
- Fun and interesting, friendly and quirky. This will help with sharing
- Display information about the dog’s breed including things like personality and physical characteristics
- Information presented in a narrative to give it more personality

Using image recognition the experience the website is a simple 2 step process - take a picture, type and name and wait. The result is a beautiful animated long scroll animated page telling the story of your dog's breed and its characteristics from personality, to history and physique. 

Art Direction
We wanted the art to stand out. To support the playfulness of the story and engage users by it's colours, shapes and animations. For that reason we went for vector art with a strong emphasis on the illustrations of each dog breed and it's components like the eyes, ears or tail.

We used the Wolfram Cloud API to gather the data about each dog breed. We then combined the data into spreadsheets selecting the most relevant information for our story. some of the dogs have the same characteristics so we had to be clever not to duplica data and assets. Together with the agency we went though an extensive process to combine the different facts into a playful and entertaining  storytelling experience. It had to make sense and be relevant for the users. We created template scripts

 The art direction and animations were essential to support the storytelling, and we created a dynamic page that pulled specific assets depending on the dog. 



Role: Creative Director

Project Link: feedthefriendship.com

Kind: Mobile Website

Technology: WebGL, HTML5, Wolfram Cloud API, Machine Learning

Client: Cesar

Production Company: UNIT9

Date: 2015